Val at Pinta Art Fair JUNE 7-10 Earls Court London 2012

June 5, 2012ValNewsNo Comments

For the first time, PINTA will present the works of Mexican designers at inaugural launch of PINTA DESIGN, a staple of future shows in London and New York.

THE MEXICO TOURISM BOARD is participating in PINTA, The Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art Show in London. For the third edition of the exhibition in London, The Mexico Tourism Board introduces four designers who will present their works to showcase contemporary Mexican design. Design Mexico will be a space dedicated to celebrate Mexican origins and pride. The exhibits are conceived with inspiration in the state of Oaxaca and Mexico City with an emphasis on social awareness and sustainability using highly recyclable materials such as wood, stainless steel or PET bottles. The exhibition intends to show Mexican design as it is: a vibrating field of unique artistic creation nourished by a rich legacy combined with contemporary design.


The Wild Bodged Chair