The Prickly Pair Chairs – Classic

Prickly Pair Chairs
Gentleman and Lady Style

Classic: Green & Pink

The Prickly Pair Chairs are a cultural blend of Mexican and European influences. The classical French Louis XV chair has been transformed into an avant-garde cactus design with traditional French buttoned upholstery detail. Each design is bespoke and no two chairs are the same.

The Gentleman features armrest and double cacti addition.
The Lady features a single cacti addition and it can be presented right or left-handed.

Prickly Pair Chair, Gentleman Style
Approx. Dimensions: Height 180cm x branches wide 110cm x seat high 50cm

Prickly Pair Chair, Lady Style
Approx. Dimensions: Height 180cm x branch wide 90cm x seat high 50cm

Prickly Pair Footstool
Approx. Dimensions: Height 23cm x width 36cm x depth 29cm

Fabrics: Lime Green fabric by Manuel Canovas*
Made from solid wood curved, bended and carved
Finished in Mexican Pink lead-free polyurethane paint
*Available in the colours pictured. Please contact us for bespoke alternatives.

Details & Specifications
Product Type: Furniture
Product Family: Prickly Pair
Launched: 2009
Made in the UK and Mexico City