The Prickly Pair Chairs -Tenango de Doria

Commissioned by Bergdorf Goodman, NYC

Gentleman and Lady Style

The brand new Prickly Pair Chairs attired in Tenangos de Doria, a hand embroidered fabric that we commissioned to the Otomi Indians of the Tenango de Doria County in Hidalgo, Mexico. Common themes include fantastic animals, flowers, as well as mythical creatures, magical signs and human figures that represent scenes of the daily life satirically, skilfully elaborated with cotton thread on prewashed cotton canvases.
Each Tenango comes straight from the relationship between woman artisans and Nature, thus each vision is unique, as well its particular narrative.

The Gentleman armchair features armrest and double cacti addition.
The Lady chair features single cacti addition and it can be presented right or left-handed.

Prickly Pair Chair Tenango De Doria, Gentleman Style
Approx. Dimensions: Height 180cm x branches wide 110cm x seat high 50cm

Prickly Pair Chair Tenango De Doria, Lady Style
Approx. Dimensions: Height 180cm x branch wide 90cm x seat high 50cm

Prickly Pair Chair Tenango De Doria, Dining Chairs
Approx. Dimensions: Height 95cm x seat high 47cm x seat width 50cm

Prickly Pair Footstool
Approx. Dimensions: Height 23cm x width 36cm x depth 29cm

Royal Blue* and hand-stitched Tenangos De Doria
Made from solid wood curved, bended and carved
Finished in lead-free polyurethane paint
*Available in the colours pictured. Please contact us for bespoke alternatives.

Details & Specifications
Product Type: Furniture
Product Family: Prickly Pair
Launched: 2011
Made in the UK and Mexico City