Spinner Low Table

Spinner Low Table
From the collection ‘Form Follows Fiction: The Adventure of Disorder’
London, 2007

The Mexican Fiction [Mexicanity] is an Adventure of Disorder: An eclectic nature mixed with contradictions, passions, believes, sensations, extremes, chaos and irreverence. This table’s aim to portrait this very Adventure.
Overlap of organic and geometric shapes in the form of a low table, with storage area and swivelling top.

Approx.Dimensions: 75cm x 68cm x 104cm, 45cm H.
Materials: Stainless steel, wood veneer, strand board and acrylic.
Finish: Acrylic paint and matt varnish.

Details & Specifications
Product Type: Furniture
Product Family: Coffee table
Launched: 2007
Made in the UK

The Strand Board is know as a cheap material for construction that offers strength and is resistant to heavy-duty use and the outdoors. It also offers a beautiful, interesting and chaotic pattern of wood straws in a different range of natural colours [Just like Mexicans]
The reticular slices visually interrupt the chaotic pattern of the Strand Board. The rectilinear pattern respects the beautiful chaos of the material, playing like a puzzle.
The acrylics make it visually light. The yellow top works as a big revolving tray or ‘Lazy Susan’, the inside of the table serves as a container. When lit from above, the overlapping of coloured acrylics creates a glow under the table.