Eden, the Tenango Sound Chair

Eden, The Tenango Sound Chair
Commissioned by Natuzzi Italy
Designed by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers in collaboration with Studio 180°

The unique, colourful and eye-catching embroidery created by Mexico’s Otomi Indians are the inspiration behind Eden, the Tenango Sound Chair, a daring remix on the iconic Sound Chair, which brings together a burst of Mexican colour and texture, Swiss precision and Italian design.

The chair is a vivid piece of furniture that stimulates all the senses. Soft and tactile, comfortable, beautifully made and irresistible to sit on (and look at). This sleek and contemporary furniture piece fuses the best of three worlds, creating cultural awareness and inviting the audience to explore beyond creative borders.

The Tenangos are hand-stitched embroideries made by the Otomi Indians in Hidalgo, Mexico; common themes include mythical beasts, flowers, and magical symbols portrayed through a satirical, essentially human lens on prewashed cotton canvas. Each Tenango embroidery is borne of the relationship between artisans and Nature, thus each vision, and its narrative, is unique.

This project is a tribute to the craftsmen and women of Tenango de Doria, with a shared interest in preserving, communicating and supporting Mexican culture through contemporary design.

D 100cm x W 94cm x H 101cm

Fabrics: Tenangos de Doria – Hand embroideries (Hidalgo, Mexico)
Cavallo Plus, gray 0083 – Creation Baumman (Switzerland)
Metal structure, swivel mechanism and upholstery filings
Built-in sound system and speakers, amp. 25w – 240v

*Available in the combination pictured. Please contact us for bespoke alternatives.

Details & Specifications
Product Type: Furniture
Product Family: Sound Chair
Launched: 2011
Made in the UK

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